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Trailair Sway Command® Tow Control System

Trailair Sway Command® Tow Control System

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  • The Sway Command controller detects side-to-side trailer movement not controlled by your weight distribution hitch
  • Sway Command uses unique motion-sensing hardware and software to apply the left and right trailer brakes to limit trailer sway.
  • Factors that can contribute to severe trailer sway include emergency maneuvers, high winds, large passing vehicles, and hilly, uneven highways
  • Advanced patent-pending microprocessor technology electronically detects trailer sway and applies the trailer brakes to suppress unwanted sway
  • Light pod mounts to the front of the trailer and signals to the driver when the system is functioning properly.
  • Note: Sway Command is not a replacement for weight distribution/sway bars which are required for safe towing.

PartNumber: 380605

Details: If you tow a travel trailer RV you know all too well how scary a sway event can be, especially when making emergency maneuvers at high speeds or dealing with heavy crosswinds. Our patent-pending Sway Command Tow Control Technology takes away those fears and promotes safety by applying the trailer brakes before a sway event can get out of control.

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Model: 380605

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